Preschool holiday party= snowman craft and cookies!

sock snowman

My oldest son started preschool this year and with it came the option for me to become a room parent.  Not really knowing what this would entail, I signed on without a second thought.  Although life is busy,  I knew I wanted to always find time to help out with my son’s preschool endeavors whenever I could.  So with the holiday’s fast approaching, my first “assignment” as a room parent was to organize and plan the class Holiday party.  I am a huge party planner, so this was definitely a task I could take on without a second thought!  We needed to keep it an all encompassing “winter” theme, so snowmen became the main staple with the craft and food choice.

The craft was the first problem to solve.  What could I do that was both 3 yr old friendly, but also a keepsake that the kids could put out every year.  After putting in a lot of thought, and searching, I decided on the quintessential “sock snowman”.  You can’t get any cuter than a sock snowman and it’s easy for the kids to decorate and make their own.  The craft is really pretty simple and inexpensive.  You just need a few  materials:

kids bobby socks or tube socks
rubber bands
pom poms
small sticks

Here’s how I got the snowman ready for the party.  I went ahead and pre-made the snowman by filling each sock with rice.  First I filled the bottom half and then rubber banded it off, next came the middle section and then finally the top.  Once I had the top banded, I went ahead and pulled the top of the sock slightly over the head to create a hat.  Now the snowman was ready to bring to class and be decorated by the kids.  This is where they had a lot of fun.  The kids used pre-cut ribbon to glue on a scarf, red pom poms for the buttons and hole-punched adhesive foam for the eyes.  The rest of the face was drawn on using markers and little sticks were pushed into the sock to create arms.  For some added fun, I brought along some foam stickers of candy canes, snowflakes and ice skates for the kids to stick on their snowman as accessories.  The kids had a great time decorating the snowmen and the parents have a keepsake they can actually put up on the shelf for display every year.

sock snowman

After all the snowmen were made, we moved on to the food part of the party.  And of course no holiday party is complete without iced sugar cookies.  And who am I to disappoint?  The night before the party, I got my Betty Crocker on and whipped up some multi-sized snowman cookies.  I spent the good half of a couple of hours icing these frostys so as to make each of them a decorated sugar treat.  Once the kids got down to the business of eating, the snowman cookies were enjoyed by all and they ended up having one heck of a preschool holiday party!

snowman cookies

classroom party

Being room parent was a great time and rumor has it there is an end of the year party to plan in the next few months.  Hmmm…what’s going to be the theme for that one?!


  1. Franzi wrote:

    Wow Nicole, just got interested in your website and found this article….you made all these cookies by yourself????? Wow, i thought you bought them at Panera or so….you are unbelievable!!!!
    By the way, next time your are going to LA for the Pre-Oscars, i am coming with you for sure!!!!!!

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 2:54 pm | Permalink
  2. Nicole wrote:

    Thanks so much! They were too fun to make, I can be Betty Crocker when need be- lol. Next trip to LA- I’ll let you know! 🙂

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 3:42 pm | Permalink

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