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Photo’s from our 2012 Spring/Summer Photoshoot!

We’re so excited to share the photo’s from our latest photoshoot. They came out amazing and the kids really channeled their inner rockstar and gave us star quality shots! AJ Mueller and Streetview Productions captured the moments perfectly and we are thrilled to have such amazing talent as part of our team. We have uploaded […]

Behind the Scenes of our Spring/Summer Photoshoot!

Our Spring/Summer photoshoot took place this past weekend and we can’t be more thrilled with the outcome! We hand-built the stage backdrop and added just enough star quality to really give off a rock concert vibe. The models did a fantastic job performing and letting their inner rockstar shine. We aptly named our shoot “Shine […]

Little Trendstar Spring Photoshoot Sneak Peak!

Although the weather was snowing and barely 40 degrees, the spring photoshoot went off without a hitch! We had a enthusiastic group of kids that gave us fantastic shots and a lot of energy! Our theme of little rockers was a big hit as the boys played with Paper Jamz guitars and drumsticks and the […]

Spring photoshoot in the works

With our spring line of tees now available, I’m in the throes of planning and brainstorming a new photoshoot. I’m excited about the location where we are shooting. The location is this great arts and artifacts shop in downtown Royal Oak, MI called HeritageCo. {2}. The shop is amazing and there are so many interesting […]

A Style Star in the making at the latest photoshoot

The latest photoshoot – featuring our new model Kaitlyn – happened a couple of weeks ago with Venture Photography and I was so happy with the results! The photos came out great and Kaitlyn shined like the shirt she was showing off. A real Style Star in the making! Stacey, the photographer, really knows how […]

Welcome Kaitlyn to the Little Trendstar modeling team!

I am so happy to say that there is a new photoshoot this week for the new “Star is Born” tee and I have a fresh face to introduce! Welcome Kaitlyn to the team! I think she is a great addition to the style stars that are already showing off the Little Trendstar tee shirts. […]

A Photoshoot Full of Fun

When putting together the Little Trendstar website, I knew instantly that I was going to need fantastic photos of the shirts with adorable kids wearing them. So in order to do this, I needed to contact the best photographer team I know. This led me to the team of Stacey Shy and Hugh Anderson from […]