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Transformer Valentines- more than meets the eye!

Transformers are huge in our house right now and with the preschool Valentine’s party around the corner, the Valentines HAD to be Transformer themed. Although Transformer Valentine’s could have easily been purchased at the local Target, creating something a little extra special is always the way to go in our house. So we created the […]

Lookin’ Back at the Boombox

There’s a good chance that the kids who our hipster kids clothing is meant for have no idea what a boombox is, and for good reason. There’s this gadget called an iPod that lets you store and play just about every song you’ve ever heard and will ever hear. But before Apple and other brands […]

Come see us at Noel Night in Midtown Detroit!

Little Trendstar will be setting up a booth at Noel Night this year in Midtown Detroit on December 1.  Noel Night is a 40-year tradition in downtown Detroit that celebrates the holiday season through music, art, shopping and loads of holiday events.  Every year this event gets larger and larger and it’s a great time […]

Photo’s from our 2012 Spring/Summer Photoshoot!

We’re so excited to share the photo’s from our latest photoshoot. They came out amazing and the kids really channeled their inner rockstar and gave us star quality shots! AJ Mueller and Streetview Productions captured the moments perfectly and we are thrilled to have such amazing talent as part of our team. We have uploaded […]

Behind the Scenes of our Spring/Summer Photoshoot!

Our Spring/Summer photoshoot took place this past weekend and we can’t be more thrilled with the outcome! We hand-built the stage backdrop and added just enough star quality to really give off a rock concert vibe. The models did a fantastic job performing and letting their inner rockstar shine. We aptly named our shoot “Shine […]

Little Trendstar Walks the Runway at the VOGUE Bambini Fashion Show

On March 11, 2012, we took the to the runway in Soho, New York to participate in the Petite Parade/ VOGUE Bambini Fashion Show. It was an amazing experience and we had two fantastic models showcasing our “Spinning Beats” t-shirt and our “Benatar” T-shirt. The fashion show showcased all of the hottest kids clothing from […]

The Addidas ‘Kicks’ Stop Here

We just about fell out of our chair when we saw these new sneaker designs by Jeremy Scott for Addidas. This is for the Fall/Winter 2012 collection and we cannot be more in awe. Now, our only question is, why are these not for kids? We know the mini hipsters out there could really rock […]

Preschool holiday party= snowman craft and cookies!

My oldest son started preschool this year and with it came the option for me to become a room parent.  Not really knowing what this would entail, I signed on without a second thought.  Although life is busy,  I knew I wanted to always find time to help out with my son’s preschool endeavors whenever […]

A First Birthday Party For My Little Firecracker!

My second son came into this world with a bang.  He was not only born on his due date, but his due date just happened to be the Fourth of July.  How’s that for odds?! He celebrated his first birthday this year and I had to do it right for my little firecracker.  I decided […]

“Jump, Jive and Wail” Style Star file

Our next Style Star file focuses on the “Rockabilly” tee and the subculture that it embraces.  We have a soft spot over here for a little Johnny Cash, Brian Setzer and Reverand Horton Heat- all iconic musicians and bands and all part of the rhythm and blues that is rockabilly music.  Nothing says style like […]