Submerged in Culture Club and not the chameleon kind! ;)

top-t-shirts With our new t-shirt designs, inspiration came from what we refer to as the culture club. Of course we're not talking about the 80's band popular from a certain chameleon song, we're talking about urban subcultures and retro remixes. Taking cues from the underground scene, we pay hommage to the graffiti artform of tagging with our Tag You're It t-shirt and the vocal percussion of beat boxing with our Beat Box t-shirt. To bring in a little nostalgic remix, our other two designs have just enough retro culture to keep the memories going. Dreams of rock music superstardom were, and still are, brought to life by idle scribbles in a school notebook. We keep those childhood dreams alive with our Rock Idol t-shirt. And what childhood memory would be complete without the retro version of instagram, our 'ode to the cult classic viewmaster, our Keep It Reel t-shirt. bottom-t-shirts

GIVEAWAY! 2 Vintage Little Trendstar t-shirts up for grabs!

giveaway_image We went through the archives and came across these gems from the past.  Currently no longer available, these t-shirts are sure to never go out of style and we want to offer a chance for YOU to win one!  These two vintage classics are the Little Trendstar logo t-shirt in a pink girlie capsleeve style and the super rare red Rockabilly longsleeve.  PLEASE NOTE: Due to the rarity of these finds, we are limited in sizes for the Rockabilly red.  We have a 2T or 6T available only.

To enter the Giveaway, leave a comment and let us know which of these two classics is your favorite!  Also, head over to our Facebook Page and LIKE our page, if you haven't already, or TWEET this giveaway  on Twitter as well and we would be very happy!

Post your entries in the comment section of this post. Winners will be picked randomly. Entries’ submission cutoff: Tuesday, January 22nd 2013, at Midnight EST. Giveaway is open to the residents of the US only.      

Lookin’ Back at the Boombox

There’s a good chance that the kids who our hipster kids clothing is meant for have no idea what a boombox is, and for good reason. There’s this gadget called an iPod that lets you store and play just about every song you’ve ever heard and will ever hear. But before Apple and other brands presented us with a wealth of mp3 players that have made listening to music as convenient as it gets, the options were a little bulkier.

Brief history The boombox went by a few other monikers: jambox and radio-cassette, to name a couple. They became prevalent towards the end of the 1970s and were ubiquitous throughout the 80s in urban America. Many people, especially the youth, walked around the streets with boomboxes on their shoulders, playing music as loudly as possible in an attempt to spread whatever they were in to at the time. Soon cities began banning boomboxes from public places, and with the Walkman on the rise at the start of the 90s, they experienced a sharp decline in popularity. We suspect that people’s shoulders getting sore had something to do with it as well. So why are they awesome? The boombox was the first gadget to really make it possible to take music on the go. That capability enabled music lovers to reach a broader audience and, in turn, be receptive to new sounds from fellow music lovers. Even with all of the technology we have been blessed with today, we can’t think of a more light-hearted vehicle for playing music. So light-hearted, in fact, that it has been recreated in many forms as children’s toys.

We encourage kids to embrace retro icons like the boombox, whether it is in art they create or fashion they wear. They can start with the latter by checking out our ‘I PLAY LOUD’ long sleeve tee (shown below), our tribute to this iconic masterpiece.  

Today, the boombox has been phased out almost completely. However, its impact on music culture has played a huge role in spreading sounds we still hear today. Considering the sounds it acted as a vehicle for still exist, it makes sense that the icon does, too. We keep that notion in mind with many of our designs and will continue to spread the retro vibe!

Come see us at Noel Night in Midtown Detroit!

Noel Night in Midtown Detroit

Little Trendstar will be setting up a booth at Noel Night this year in Midtown Detroit on December 1.  Noel Night is a 40-year tradition in downtown Detroit that celebrates the holiday season through music, art, shopping and loads of holiday events.  Every year this event gets larger and larger and it's a great time for people of all ages. Little Trendstar booth

Our booth will be in the Walter B. Ford building on the College for Creative Studies campus.  This building will host tons of different vendors selling a variety of different arts and crafts- all guaranteed to get you in the holiday shopping mood.  Come support local artisians and have an enjoyable night out! The event runs December 1, 2012 from 5:00pm to 9:30pm in Midtown Detroit's Cultural Center.  Click here for more information and location details! Noel Night invite   Hope to see you there!

Our Spinning Beats t-shirt featured on the TODAY Show!

Little Trendstar featured on the TODAY Show

Our Spinning Beats t-shirt was highlighted on the TODAY Show this morning as part of their celebrity kids "get the look" segment.  A fashion show pulled together by Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso, featured Little Trendstar as one of the go-to brands to help achieve a look that Gwen Stefani's son, Zuma, is seen in.  Our Spinning Beats t-shirt, in grey, was featured under a plaid shirt and paired with some black pants and rockin' combat boots.  We think this style looks great and we think our t-shirts always look great alone or layered with other stylish items!  You can click on video below to watch the segment and enjoy the "Zuma" look with Little Trendstar!

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