A First Birthday Party For My Little Firecracker!

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My second son came into this world with a bang.  He was not only born on his due date, but his due date just happened to be the Fourth of July.  How’s that for odds?! He celebrated his first birthday this year and I had to do it right for my little firecracker.  I decided to forgo the traditional stars and stripes, red, white and blue theme and go with a little firecracker/TNT theme.  He’s much more “Cherry Bomb/Runaways” than “Born in the USA/Springsteen” anyways.  So with a little Boom, Boom, Pow, here is a sampling of my son’s first birthday:

When the kids arrived, we led them to the Boom Gear table where they were fitted with all the necessary gear needed to celebrate this party with a bang.  First up was yellow hard hats that I adorned with a  “Boom Expert” label and a TNT detonator box (painted and created by my talented husband) that created the backdrop for authenticity.

The kids were also fitted with red “Boom Expert” vests that I whipped up with a little felt and needle and thread.  They got in gear and were ready to start making some booms.  And what better way to make a boom than with kid-friendly pop-its.  I loved these when I was a kid (and heck, I still do) and it made the perfect compliment to the firecracker themed party.

Once the kids were in their gear, and armed with their pop-its, they were lead to the Blast Area.  Here is where they could safely throw their pop-its at a firecracker target that my husband and I made out of wood and red and yellow paint.

This area was a big hit with the kiddos and it also became quite the photo op.  We were able to wrangle up the birthday boy and his brother and friends from the party and get them to say cheese before they were off to make some more blasts and booms.

The party was held on the back patio and backyard, so we adorned it with wooden firecrackers and red and yellow balloons.  We also made a few free standing firecracker sticks that the kids could sit next to and play with.

And what would a first birthday party be without the cake?!  Thanks to the talents of a family friend, the cake was just as fiery and blast-worthy as the rest of the decor.  Complete with firecracker sticks and popping stars, the cake was enjoyed by everyone and the birthday boy more than enjoyed his smash cake that was home-baked by yours-truly.

After the party was over, each kid was given a firecracker/TNT stick favor that was filled with candy and popping noisemakers.  I had a little arts and crafts fun with red mailing tubes and yellow roping.  The party was full of these firecracker sticks, but of course these labelled ones were the “special” items and they flew off the table like a bottle rocket!

My kids had a great time!  Although I’m sure the birthday boy won’t remember much, at least we have the photos to share and the memories to tell.  I tried to capture as much of the day as I could, and it looks as if someone caught me in the act of filming….

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Ah, yes, smile say cheese and get ready for next years birthday’s.  Guess I better start planning now!

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